Some thoughts about the politics of Special Envoys

What can the fight against islamophobia in the United States teach us about how American Jews think about antisemitism today?

Perhaps you forgot about a dust-up a few weeks ago involving the creation of a Special Envoy within the State Department to…

Considering the case of Jews in the United States in the past and present

Is the United States going the way of Weimar Germany?

I have been thinking about this question a lot recently, though not because I think it’s an especially good one. The question presumes that there’s a…

Meditations on conceptions of Jew-hatred among the American Jewish left

This is the eighth installment in a series of essays that explores what Jews talk about when they talk about antisemitism.

Most of the essays have focused on trends, themes, and histories of antisemitism that are prevalent within mainstream American…

Some thoughts on Yair Lapid’s interpretation of antisemitism

Is antisemitism a variant of racism?

It’s been two weeks now since Israel’s Foreign Ministry held their 7th Annual Global Forum on Combating Anti-Semitism, and the polemical dust has yet to settle. At that conference, the newly appointed Foreign Minister, Yair Lapid…

Some thoughts regarding a prevalent understanding of the nature of Jew-hatred

Is there something timelessly unique about Jew-hatred?

Consumed as you may have been by the recent escapades of a well-known ice cream company, you might have missed that this past week the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs convened an…

A glance at conceptual commonalities between critical theories of antisemitism and racism

When Jews talk about antisemitism, how do they presume it operates? Do they use the term to refer to isolated instances of prejudice against Jews for being Jews, or do they have something more in mind than that?

Judah Bernstein

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